Event Schedule

Thursday, March 12, 2014

Most people arrive at the hotel throughout the day on Thursday.   We typically head out to the track around 3:30 PM  to set up for the day on Friday.

There’s a $10 gate entry fee which will cover your entry for the entire weekend.  All riders and guests must pay this fee.

Friday, March 13, 2014

7:30 AM – Arrive at track

If you’ve completed your setup the day before, the most you’ll need to do is sign some paperwork from Jennings staff and finish any last minute arrangements

8:00 AM – Riders Meeting

Jennings GP staff will give you an overview of the track, the flags, discuss pit in and pit out procedures, and we’ll have a talk about safety and passing.

8:20  AM – Tech Inspection

A group of experienced riders will look over the bikes being ridden and make sure they’re in working order.  See the “Bike Prep” page for more information.

9:00 AM – Track Open

We’ll discuss the format for sessions at the riders meeting, but typically we run a Beginners group in one session and a mixed Intermediate/Advanced group in a second session.    Sessions are typically 20 minutes long.

The first session of the day for beginners will be a lead/follow session to teach the track line and cover pit in and pit out procedures.

Noon(ish) – Lunch will be one hour.  Once we figure out whether we’ll be providing lunch or whether the lunch cart at the track will be open, this page will be updated.

5:00 pm – Sessions end

Saturday and Sunday (March 14-15)

Jennings has open track days for those who don’t get enough on Friday.  They are available at a reduced rate for RacerXX participants.  Typically the cost is around $110 per day.   Will update this page once we the the price locked down.

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