Announcing RacerXX 2015

rider1Racer XX will be the March 13, 2015 at Jennings GP in Jennings, Florida

What is it?

A private track day on North Florida’s premier motorcycle only track, Jennings GP

Who’s invited?

All members of the forum are invited.   Friends of the XX (FOXX’s) are also welcome to attend. We need 20 riders to make this event cost efficient.

Where is this again?

The Track is located in Jennings FL, just over over the border from Georgia into Florida.

But.. Why would I want to?

Track days are the most fun you can have in leather without requiring a whip  – Hobicus

  • This is a private track rental.  If you’ve every wanted to try going out on the track, there’s no better way to do it.
    • Small group of riders
    • Safety is a priority
    • Have fun, go fast, learn to turn
  • Jennings GP is a motorcycle only track, so the surface hasn’t been destroyed by overly heavy race cars.
  • It’s still winter in most parts of the country.


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